Deep River Public Library

A complete redesign and new online collection tools We entirely redesigned and restructured this library site in 2022, and developed custom tools for exploring their online resources. VIEW

North Lanark Regional Museum

A complete redesign and a new collection tool We entirely redesigned and restructured this museum site in 2022, and developed a custom application for displaying collection artefacts. VIEW

Farmers’ Markets Ontario

A major makeover We completely redesigned and restructured this complex site representing 180 farmers’ markets across Ontario, and created a weekly email bulletin that has proved very successful. VIEW

The Millstone

20,000 monthly readers I’m the editor-in-chief of this daily online newspaper, and built and designed its website and social media channels. VIEW

William White

A renowned economist I redeveloped this site for William White, a prominent economist and former chairman of the Economic and Development Review Committee at the OECD, which makes policy recommendations to associated countries. VIEW